Learn to scuba dive in Edmonton Alberta


Open Water Scuba Training

The Beginner's Scuba Certification Program

The Open Water Premier Scuba Training Program

Premier scuba training refers to high-quality, personalized instruction aimed at providing students with an exceptional learning experience and preparing them to become skilled, confident divers.

In This Premier Scuba Training beginners program you will complete the PADI® Open Water Diver Course which is the first scuba certification level.

You will learn to scuba dive in Edmonton, Alberta from Larry Wedgewood, a highly-trained PADI Master Instructor and Instructor Trainer, who will train and coach you in a relaxed, supportive learning environment.

Micro Scuba Training and Coaching Approach

Micro teaching or training is an integral part of the Premier Scuba Training concept  in micro teaching only a few people are trained at a time. It's  designed for individualized attention to maximize diver fun, experience and safety while attaining high knowledge retention, diver skills, and confidence.

Larry Wedgewood's Premier Scuba Training program typically averages two (2) divers. 

For family or friend groups that want to learn together, this can be increased to a maximum of 4 training divers which will include more pool training time.

Diver Training

Through PADI Open Water Knowledge Development and instruction from Larry, will you learn about scuba diving principles, dive terminology, important scuba skills like buoyancy control, but most importantly you will have plenty of time to dive, get personized coaching, become comfortable and confident under the water, right here in Edmonton.

Upon completion of your pool training and when you're ready, you will make a minimum of four dives in an open water environment (ocean, or lake) with your instructor supporting you on each dive.

The 4 open water dives can be made locally in the Edmonton area during spring, summer or fall or abroad at any PADI Dive Centre or with any PADI independent Dive Instructor in over 180 Countries within 12 months to complete your Open water certification.

By the end of the course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to dive at home or abroad and if you're interested, be an ambassador for the the Aquatic Environment.

open water scuba course
Learn to dive with Larry

The PADI Open Water course 

Learn to dive with larry Wedgewood
Learning to dive with Larry Wedgewood
learning to scuba dive

Three Learning Phases

Learning to scuba dive in Edmonton, Alberta

Phase One  Knowledge development

PADI e-learning. Interactive course material you complete on your own time, online.
Videos, quizzes, knowledge reviews and final knowledge assessment.
Instructor Review and Tutorials

Phase Two  Diver skill development and diving activities

Pool training / scuba diving skill development
Hands on dive equipment orientation
Plenty of time to dive and have fun

Phase Three  Practical application 

Open Water Diver Training Dives, 4 dives over two days. 
Put what you learned in the pool to work during your open water dives.
Log training dives
PADI International Certification 

Our flexible scheduling allows you to choose when and where you complete your Open Water certification. 

Cost: Knowledge Development and Pool Training

Phase 1 & 2 - Knowledge & Pool Scuba Training 

Conducted in Edmonton, Alberta

Program Includes:

PADI e-learning online Open Water Course
Instructor Review, and value added tutorials. 
6+ hours of pool scuba training
Ample time to dive around and have fun - not just do skills
All dive equipment and air needed for training
Open water referral paperwork / student training record to complete the Open water training dives world wide.

1 student: $625 | 2 students: $595.00 | 3-4 students: $585.00 each

*Student discounts available.

Learn to dive in Edmonton Alberta

Cost - Open water Training 

Phase 3  Completion of Open water certification

1 student: $375 | 2-students: $350 | 3-4-students: $300

*Prices abroad may vary from dive resorts

Phase 3 - Open Water Dive Training 

Conducted at Twin Lake, near Edmonton, from May - Oct


4 Open Water Dives over a minimum of 2 days
All Dive equipment and air needed for the dives
Dive computer orientation
Personalized attention and dive coaching
20% off of continuing education dive courses 
PADI International Scuba Certification

Dive with Larry in Belize

Join me in Belize November 22-30

Open water Training Dive Package
4 training dives plus more dives for fun
Accommodation and dive equipment
See lots of amazing underwater creatures
Warm weather, warm ocean, blue ocean
Learn about and enjoy the Belize culture
open water certification in Belize
Larry Wedgewood


Master Instructor

Larry Wedgewood 

PADI Master Instructor & Course Director


Learn for the industry's highest level instructor

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