Why Should you Learn to Scuba Dive in Edmonton Alberta?

Learn to dive in Edmonton Alberta

here are 5 reasons. 

1.) More effective use of your time

If you live the Edmonton area then learning to scuba dive in Edmonton, Alberta can be a valuable and worthwhile experience for various reasons. Firstly, it allows for more efficient use of your time. Rather than traveling to coastal destinations, where diving opportunities may be limited to specific seasons or conditions, learning to dive in Edmonton allows you to pursue this exciting activity at your convenience.

Secondly, learning to dive in Edmonton can also be more cost-effective. Coastal destinations often come with higher living expenses and prices for dive training and equipment rentals. By learning to dive in Edmonton, you can save money on accommodation and other expenses, allowing you to allocate more of your budget towards diving trips and further enhancing your skills.

2.) Learning to scuba dive in Edmonton preserves valuable holiday time

If you learn to dive while on vacation, not only will you have to spend a significant amount of your precious holiday time learning the theoretical aspects of diving, but you will also have to dedicate hours to practicing confined water skills. However, if you choose to learn to scuba dive in Edmonton before you embark on your vacation, you can make the most out of your leisure time.

By completing the academic and skill development requirements of diving beforehand, you can fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking underwater world during your vacation without any interruptions or distractions. Edmonton offers excellent facilities and experienced instructors who can guide you through the intricacies of diving, ensuring that you are confident and prepared for your diving adventures on your vacation.

By investing the time and effort to learn in advance, you can maximize the enjoyment of your holiday and create unforgettable memories exploring the mesmerizing marine life in the most breathtaking destinations.

3.) It's more cost-effective

Learning to scuba dive in Edmonton, Alberta is way more affordable. If you break down the cost of your dive trip and divide it by the number of days you're there, you'll see how expensive it gets if you spend 3 or 4 days just taking a scuba course instead of actually diving. Plus, by learning to dive at home in Edmonton, you can spread out the cost of training over a longer period of time. So, it's a win-win situation!

4.) Personalized attention with small class size

If you choose to learn to dive with Larry Wedgewood Scuba in Edmonton, you'll get the advantage of personalized attention. Our class sizes are small, usually consisting of 1-4 people. So you can expect a more individualized and hands-on learning experience. Plus, you get to be taught by one of the best instructors in the industry who has done thousands of dives all around the world. It's a win-win!

5.) Networking and community

Learning to dive in Edmonton is also a great way to meet other divers and become part of a cool diving community. You'll get to hang out with fellow diving enthusiasts, make new friends, and even go on group dives together. It's awesome because you can learn from each other, share tips and tricks, and maybe even plan some epic diving trips together in the future. So come join us in Edmonton and let's dive into this amazing adventure together!

Not only will you be able to learn and improve your diving skills, but you'll also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for diving. Being part of a diving community in Edmonton provides you with a sense of belonging and camaraderie that can enhance your overall diving experience.

Learn to Dive with Larry Wedgewood

Learn to scuba dive with Larry

When you decide to take up diving as a new hobby or pursue it as a professional skill, opting for instruction from Larry Wedgewood Scuba in Edmonton proves to be a wise choice. 

One of the prominent advantages of learning to dive with Larry Wedgewood Scuba in Edmonton is the personalized attention that each student receives. Unlike other diving schools that have large class sizes, Larry Wedgewood Scuba ensures that their classes comprise only a handful of students, typically ranging from one to four individuals.

This small group size guarantees that you will receive an exceptional level of individualized instruction and guidance, tailored specifically to your needs and capabilities. By keeping the class sizes intimate, Larry Wedgewood allows for a more hands-on learning experience, enabling you to grasp the techniques and skills required for diving with precision and confidence.

Whether you are a novice exploring the underwater world for the first time or an experienced diver looking to enhance your abilities, Larry Wedgewood Scuba's personalized approach ensures that you receive the utmost attention and support throughout your diving journey.

If you are interested in taking a scuba class contact us today and we will outline your options

Larry Wedgewood
Larry Wedgewood

Larry is a PADI Course Director and Master Instructor With thousands of ocean dives to his credit. Larry has owned his own PADI dive shop in Phuket Thailand and has taught in cold, temperate, and tropical waters. Larry's dive career started in Victoria British Columbia and has spanned 2 continents and more than 8 countries.