Learning To Dive With Larry

learning to dive

It’s hard to imagine that taking a dive course could be a life changing experience, but for my husband and I, learning to dive opened a whole new world to us.

I clearly remember the first day we met our dive instructor, Larry Wedgewood, after speaking with him I felt extremely confident that our open water course would be a wonderful experience.

Larry’s upbeat energy was great to be around and we really appreciated his absolute focus on our safety. You truly will not find a more passionate instructor. His love and enthusiasm for diving was inspiring and made us even more excited about future diving adventures. His attention to all the details necessary to make his students successful, made us feel especially confident that we could master all the skills that we were learning.

Thanks to Larry’s superb guidance and instruction, my husband and I have been diving around the world ever since our Open Water course with him. We will be forever grateful to him for being the best and most knowledgeable instructor that we could have ever chosen. 

We had so much fun learning" Larry’s Rules", and thanks to our certification, we have since seen whale sharks, guitarfish, manta rays and experienced phenomenal dives in the Maldives, Raja Ampat, the Philippines, Hawaii, Mexico and so many other amazing places.

Learning to dive with Larry Wedgewood

We highly recommend Larry to anyone who is considering learning to dive. He will definitely get you addicted to diving adventures and the magical underwater world.

For more information about learning to dive, contact Larry Wedgewood 

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Prisana Nuechterlein is a world traveler, freelance writer, and entrepreneur. She studied Marine biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and since then has traveled to dozens of countries and has amassed a vast amount of world experience and knowledge. Prisana is based in Denver Colorado with her husband Eric.